How do I place ads with Gas4Ads?

Get ahead of the curve and advertise your business with Uber and Lyft drivers. A first of its kind service to market your products or service with ideal target demographics: high-income consumers in their 20s and 30s. Learn how you can be a partner and place your ads with our drivers.

Easy to Get Started

We can have your ads up and running within 10 days. Learn more about our advertising options.

Weekly Reports

We will send you a detailed report weekly, showing you specific stats of miles driven and passenger views.

Quick & Easy Setup

All of our packages come with no setup fees or design costs! We handle everything!

Customer Support Focused

You will be designated an account manager, who will be with you every step of the way.

Who We Are

Read more about us and how we can help you take your business to the new heights.

We're Listening

Learn more about how we help businesses reach their marketing goals.


Experience the Great Results From Our Beta Program!

  • "We have advertised with Gas4Ads in the beta program and have seen some incredible results. Engagement with the ads is sky high and we have seen postive resultsfrom our early tests."

    Nick W., CEO, LAS

  • "We wanted to test the program and found an early return of 34%!"

    Kourosh N., CEO, CPS

  • "Advertising with Gas4Ads has been great! We are hitting our target demographic and with the instant use of internet connected cell phones, passengers can quickly and easily learn more about our business."

    Mitch N., CEO, PCAP

Ready to earn more business?

Learn How You Can Be a Gas4Ads Partner
Which Cities Are You Servicing?

We have started campaigns in Los Angeles and Orange County California. We are adding other cities in the coming months.

  • Choose to market your business in one or both cities.
  • If you are a national brand, we can tailor your ad for a local audience.
We can start in as early as 3 weeks from graphics design to headrest delivery.
Yes. We provide you with reports on a weekly basis.
We have worked very hard to design a propietary system that will give you a window into your advertising campaigns.

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