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Simply display ads from local merchants on your headrest. We provide you with everything to get started. For every mile that you drive, you earn points. Submit your Uber or Lyft statement to us and get paid weekly. Join our waiting list for a chance to be selected into our program.

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Sign up for our waiting list. Once approved, receive your free advertising kit.

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We have local, trusted advertisers in our network. Work with companies that bring value to your customers.

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You are paid weekly by check or PayPal. Simple!

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Increase Your Earnings With Free Gas!

  • "I drive my car in Los Angeles for Uber and have been receiving free gas for about a month. I pickup and drop off customers at my regular routes and get paid without any additional work."

    Josh T., Los Angeles, CA

  • "The process is simple: just calculate your mileage driven weekly, submit your mileage & gas receipts, receive a check. I couldn't be happier! My earnings are going up as a result of the free gas!"

    Joe N., Los Angeles, CA

  • "I was skeptical at first. Free gas? Can this really be true? It is! I get a check weekly and it's deposited right into my account."

    Stacey R., Orange County, CA

Ready to earn gas?

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Which Cities Are You Servicing?

We are continually expanding our presence and are currently accepting applications for drivers in Los Angeles and Orange County.

  • You will need to be a current driver with Uber or Lyft
  • If you are outside of these 2 cities, please submit your application. We will contact you once we expand to other cities
Weekly Payments

You are paid weekly either via check or PayPal. Once your mileage is verified, your payment will be submitted to you completely free of charge.

For every mile that you drive, you will receive 1 point. Every week, you will be able to redeem your points for gas payments.
You are paid on a weekly basis via check or PayPal. Submit your mileage statements and you will receive credits for your gas. It's that easy!
Yes! If you friend joins our waiting list and is selected, you will receive 50 free points!

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